Coming together to promote agriculture

AgriPOWER has opened many doors for me, from seeing different farming views to knowing that everyone plays a role in agriculture.  AgriPOWER brings together many people of many different backgrounds, who may not even have a farm or have grown up in agriculture, but we all come together to learn to better promote and educate about agriculture.

Coming into AgriPOWER, I wasn’t sure what to expect. AgriPOWER was presented to me as a very professional group, and I came to find out we all just want to share our passion for agriculture.  During AgriPOWER, we learned many different styles of farming from organic to pasture raised.  Going to Georgia this past February has also given me many different aspects on growing in different climates.  It surprises me very much that even though we are just states away, their climate is very different and they can grow many things we can’t here in Ohio.  Georgia also has a wide variety of crops, tourist farms and hired hands.  Hired hands are needed all the time in Georgia, for lots of manual labor and hand seed planting.

AgriPOWER is for anyone and everyone who would like to open their views on agriculture.  We only have so much land and need to learn to live off what land we do have so we can continue to live off the land.


Fenstermaker helps run the family business, DBA Pisanello’s Pizza in McComb. She has a goat, chicken and donkey operation and helps with her extended family’s grain operation in Hancock County.

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