Standing up for agriculture, with confidence

AgriPOWER is a leadership program designed to further those interested in different aspects of agriculture. With intense educational sessions, it has the ability to allow one to confidently stand up for agriculture in today’s society.

When I was accepted into the program, I had so many emotions go through my mind. “What if I am not cut out for this program” and “What if I can’t balance farm, life and motherhood while traveling?” The minute I started I knew it was exactly where I needed to be, meeting many friends who share the same values as myself and truly love to invest in their farm and family. It was a wonderful time learning from them and having them tell you about how they live and advocate for agriculture.

The sessions were another wonderful thing about AgriPOWER; there wasn’t a single session that I didn’t want to be involved in. When it was time to leave for a session, I was excited and ready to see what our class would be learning. From traveling to northern Ohio to southern Georgia, it was a great experience to see how others would farm and advocate for agriculture in their community.

For others wondering if they should apply for AgriPOWER, I would say “Yes, do it!” I have learned so much about myself and enjoyed being able to stand up for agriculture. I have also gained to nerve to become a public speaker. If you would have asked me to stand up in front of a crowd and speak before AgriPOWER, I would have been shaky mess and probably said “No.” Thanks to AgriPOWER, I have gained the confidence and ability to be a strong leader for the farming community.


Macy Staggs of Seaman works for Ohio State University Extension in West Union as its Tech Wizard program coordinator. She helps on her family’s Angus cross cow-calf, grain and hay operation and its feed mill in Jackson. She is on the Adams County Farm Bureau board and is helping start a local Young Agricultural Professionals chapter.

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