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The old saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know that is important” rings a bell when I reflect on my AgriPOWER experience. Well, part of that saying is accurate. What you know is just as important as who you know, and AgriPOWER will help expand on both of those ideas.

The contacts made throughout our AgriPOWER journey are second to none. We met with politicians at the local, state and national level. We were able to meet and network with the leaders from the various ag groups throughout the state. The contacts that were made within the Ohio Farm Bureau are invaluable, but nothing will beat the relationships that were formed with the other members of AgriPOWER Class VIII.

AgriPOWER allowed us to take in in-depth look in the ag industry, but it also allowed us to take an in-depth look into ourselves as individuals and our leadership styles. Once we understood how we work with others, and how our natural tendencies were perceived by others, we were able to build on our leadership abilities. More importantly we were becoming better communicators and better advocates for the agricultural industry as a whole.

Through my AgriPOWER experience, I was exposed to many different aspects of the agricultural industry in Ohio as well as outside the borders of the Buckeye State. The state of Ohio has a very diverse agricultural makeup from the typical corn and beans, from livestock to greenhouses and the list could keep going. But what is more interesting is the difference in how those products are produced. Through AgriPOWER, we were able to see farming operations that raise corn with GMO and without GMO technology. We visited farms that raised livestock in a confined feeding facility and farms whose livestock were free to roam the pasture. We also visited greenhouses who raised tomatoes in an intensive rotation to a greenhouse that is maintained by adults with special needs.

Every farm had a story to tell, their story. They told us their story as to why they do what they do and what they do to provide the best possible product to their ability. Each and every farm, from Ohio to Georgia told us their story of why they are proud to be in the best industry on this great earth, agriculture.  

The “what we know” and “who we know” now, because of AgriPOWER, has strengthened my agricultural story.


Bennett Musselman of Orient is assistant vice president and agribusiness banker at Heartland Bank in Pickerington. He farms with his father and grandfather on their 600-acre grain operation. He is president of Pickaway County Farm Bureau and on the Muhlenberg Board of Zoning Appeals, ag committee of the Pickaway Competitiveness Network, and Pickaway County Extension Advisory Board and is a Pickaway County Farmers Club member.

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