State house

Action needed on CAUV reform

CAUV reform has been included in the state budget, and the time to act is now. There has never been a more critical time to voice your support of CAUV reform!

Call your members of the Ohio House of Representative, Ron Hood, 614-466-1464 and Gary Scherer, 614-644-7928 ask them to protect and keep the CAUV language in the proposed state budget.

Please make these contacts no later than May 3.

April 25, the House of Representatives leadership team announced language is included in the proposed state budget that will help bring relief to farmers who have faced uncertainty from increasing CAUV valuation. There are organizations working in opposition to CAUV reform, therefore it is essential for our local legislators to know you support this measure.

Ohio Farm Bureau has been working with House members to accomplish CAUV reform, but now it is up to our members to help protect and keep CAUV language in the budget by making sure statewide support is voiced.  House members need to hear from farmers and property owners regarding their support of the CAUV language, and will need to hear from you before the budget is voted out of the House.

To contact your legislator and learn more about the work being done, what is in the bill or what the budget process will look like moving forward, visit the Farm Votes Matter website.