Water Wednesday: Fertilizer Certification

Welcome to Water Wednesday! Once a month, Ohio Farm Bureau will highlight a water quality project from around the state on #WaterWednesday. Below is a message from Jordan Hoewischer, OFBF director of water quailty and research:

In 2014, the Ohio legislature passed a law requiring anyone who applies fertilizer to more than 50 acres in agricultural production grown primarily for sale must be certified to do so. In order to become certified, one must attend a 2 hour training course if you already hold a pesticide license, or a 3 hour class if you do not hold a pesticide license.

Class instructors educate farmers on the right time, right placement, right rate and right source when applying fertilizer on their farms. The course will also update farmers on the latest trends and results based on university research to help facilitate adoption of new farming techniques to make fertilizer applications more economically and environmentally efficient.

As of today, over 17,000 farmers have received training in over 200 classes in the last 2.5 years. But, as the Sept. 30, 2017 deadline approaches, those who have yet to be certified only have a handful more chances to do so around the state. 

For more information on why, when, and how to become certified to apply fertilizer on your farm, visit nutrienteducation.osu.edu or feel free to email me at [email protected]


Limited classes and field days are available to become certified prior to the Sept. 30 deadline.



Pictured above, farmers attending a fertilizer certification training class.  Check here to find a class in your area!