Trustee spotlight — J.D. Winteregg

J.D. Winteregg, his wife Aimee, and son Noah currently reside in Troy. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in French and International Business, a master’s in foreign language education from Wright State, and an master’s in French from Ohio State. He is in his third year working at Rudy Inc. in Covington where he works with grain marketing, merchandising, and helps unload and run the scales.

He has recently joined the Farm Bureau and quickly became active in AgriPOWER, public policy, and became a trustee on the county Farm Bureau board. Winteregg was able to get all of his coworkers to become Farm Bureau members and learned quickly that he wanted to be involved. His experience with Farm Bureau has brought about new friends, a good network, and a great way to become politically active.

In February, he attended Ag Day at the Capital where he was able to speak in front of local politicians about current issues in agriculture. Winteregg looks forward to all of the opportunities ahead that Farm Bureau has to offer.