Keeping farmers safe on the road

With spring in full swing and summer only a few weeks away, farmers are out in the fields every day the weather conditions are good! For farmers, this time of year is exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Tractors occupy a large portion of the roadway when traveling from field to field. Unfortunately, some motorists do not know how to slow down or share the road with a tractor. This not only creates a dangerous situation for the farmer, but also for the other individuals driving on the road.

To help educate drivers on the roadway, Preble County Farm Bureau has partnered with Preble County Sheriff Michael Simpson and SW OH Family Farm Safety for a public safety announcement for drivers. Throughout Preble County, drivers will notice several billboards reminding them to slow down & share the road with tractors. This is a great reminder for motorists to always be aware for tractors on the road!

In addition to the billboards, Preble County Farm Bureau also has several large Slow Moving Vehicle signs available for purchase. The signs are metal and priced at $10 a piece for Farm Bureau members. Please contact our office at 937-456-5400 or [email protected] to purchase yours today!