Farm to Plate Kicks off at Shelby Farmers’ Market

On Saturday, June 17, Richland County Farm Bureau held its first Farm to Plate event of the season at the Shelby Farmers’ Market. The event promotes buying local and eating healthy by featuring local chefs that prepare foods that can be found at the farmers’ market.

The event featured a new youth division with Chef Katie Fishpaw. Fishpaw is an 11-year-old Shelby resident. She has a passion for baking and has been baking for about three years. She hopes to own her own business one day and call it Babycakes.

Fishpaw demonstrated how to make a delightful strawberry smoothie. Fishpaw showed the crowd how quick and easy it is to make a strawberry smoothie. The smoothie included strawberries, milk, yogurt, sugar, ice and vanilla extract. She then served samples to the public.


The event also featured Ed Pickens’ Events & Catering. Pickens is well-known in Richland County for his premier catering and has been cooking his entire life.

Pickens’ first demonstration featured Rabbit Ragout. He taught about the different meat cuts of rabbit and the wonderful health benefits. The ragout included rabbit, onions, bacon, olive oil, tomatoes, potatoes and various spices.

Pickens’ second demonstration featured one of his family’s favorites, Angry Eggs. The dish is a combination of peppers, zucchini, his very own Tennessee red sauce, onions, olive oil, marinara sauce and of course eggs!

After both dishes were done cooking, samples were dished out for the crowd to enjoy.


Shelby Farmers’ Market will host upcoming Farm to Plate events on July 8, July 22, Aug. 19, and Aug. 26. The next Farm to Plate will feature Carrie Bisel from Shelby.