Farm to Plate Junior – Chefs for Week 3

Our third Farm to Plate of 2017 will also feature our new youth division with chefs Chloe and Emma Mahek, 8-year-old twin sisters who will be in the third grade at Auburn Elementary this fall. They are the daughters of Mike and Angie Mahek and have two older sisters.

Chloe enjoys swimming at Seltzer pool and playing outside. Her favorite color is turquoise. Spicy foods are Chloe’s favorite!

Emma loves to play sports. She wants to be a famous softball player when she grows up. Her favorite color is hot pink. Emma would eat crepes with every meal if she could.

They both love to bake and create new recipes at home!

Chloe and Emma have teamed up with the Pioneer/Shelby Middle School Family Consumer Science Department to share a healthy recipe. They will be demonstrating how to prepare Easy Fruit Pizza – sugar cookie crust with cream cheese, apple jelly, and fresh fruits. Details will be shared at the event and can be found online.