Organization Director Profile: Betsy Anderson

Betsy Anderson is senior organization director for Belmont, Guernsey, Monroe and Noble counties. In this role, she is a liaison between the county Farm Bureaus and Ohio Farm Bureau. She assists county groups as they develop and implement programs to strengthen their organizations, serve members and affect positive change in their communities.

Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University, with majors in agricultural education & agricultural communications. She also completed the OSU LEAD program, Class 7

What is something you can point to that has been accomplished thanks to the joint efforts of farmers and community members in your area?

Broad picture is we work together on community problems to find solutions and develop plans to resolve the issues. Longwall mining issues have been addressed and drug epidemic and oil & gas issues are being addressed.

What is your favorite Farm Bureau member benefit?

Legislative representation

Tell us about one big project one of your counties has planned or has recently conducted.

Guernsey County has brought together the community to address the opioid problem. At the request of a local judge Guernsey County sponsored the initial meeting that was standing room only. There is now a community group called CHOICES that is working on many aspects of the problem to help the county and the communities. We are providing drug disposal bags to take medicines out of the community that are no longer needed and to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.