Be sure to visit us at the 2017 Morrow County Fair!

We hope to carry on the momentum from last year’s fair and go bigger and better out the tent featuring the county Farm Bureau’s activities and local agriculture. In the tent we will highlight member benefit partners, group member companies, and have a tractor simulator for people to see what if feels like to work a field. Favorite traditions — the sandbox, wheel of trivia, scavenger hunt, and Barn Yard Olympics, will continue as well.

We are co-sponsoring the Grain C.A.R.T. with OSU Extension. The grain safety and rescue simulation will be at the fair Wednesday, Aug. 30 and will be placed on the east side of the Youth Hall.

On Tuesday, we will be hosting a Nationwide Land As Your Legacy session for those of you wondering how to pass your operation on to the next generation of farmers. Ice cream and milkshakes will be served in the Dairy Association booth from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Helping hands are always welcome! But at least stop by and cool off with a treat.

We will be hiring two fair ambassadors this year to help with activities. Check for details here and send your resume to [email protected].