Organization Director Profile: Anita Cook

Anita Cook is organization director for Cuyahoga County. In this role, she is a liaison between the county Farm Bureau and Ohio Farm Bureau. She assists the county Farm Bureau as it develops and implements programs to strengthen its organization, serve members and affect positive change in the community.
What is something you can point to that has been accomplished thanks to the joint efforts of farmers and community members in your area?
The Cuyahoga Farm Bureau has teamed up with a local historic farm over the past several years, hosting school groups and summer camps throughout the year. Farm Bureau volunteers, farmers and community members have acted as farmhand tour guides, hosting over 2,000 children each year to the farm to learn about agriculture and farm life.
What is your favorite Farm Bureau member benefit?
My favorite benefit is Bob Evans of course!  How can you beat a great meal with a discount! (Bob Evans is available through the Member Savings Advantage program.)
Tell us about one big project your county has planned or has recently conducted?
The county Farm Bureau hosts a bus trip to the Ohio State Fair each year at the end of July.  Members and their guests enjoy a great day at the State Fair and don’t have to worry about making the drive back home.