Meet a Board Trustee: Bryan Santschi

Welcome to Marion County Farm Bureau’s member spotlight blog! Every month, Marion County will feature spotlight blogs on board members and new members so you can get to know them a little better.

Our monthly spotlight blog features Marion County Farm Bureau’s board trustee, Bryan Santschi. Bryan is originally from Radnor, Ohio. He graduated from Capital University with a degree in integrated science. Bryan is married and has two kids, with one on the way. In his spare time, he is a part of the Christian Missionary Alliance Church. Get to know Bryan better by reading the interview below.

Meet Bryan Santschi

What do you farm?

I farm corn, soybeans, and hay in Green Camp, Ohio.

How long have you or your family been in farming?

I have been farming for 6 years, and I am a 7th generation farmer.

What do you love about farming?

I love the independence and that it is family centered.

What is the biggest challenge facing agriculture?

The biggest challenge is all of the regulations.

Why are you a Farm Bureau member? What do you see as the biggest benefit?

I am a Farm Bureau member because I like being involved in the changes.

If someone was interested in farming, what would you tell them?

I would tell them it takes a lot of money combined with tremendous risk.

What is your favorite Farm Bureau event or activity?

My favorite event is Ag at the Capital.

Life Outside of Farm Bureau

 If you could go anywhere…

 I would go to Russia.

 What are your hobbies besides farming?

I like camping and backpacking.

 What is your favorite thing about the township you live in?

It is the people. The families have been the same forever.

Three words to describe yourself.

Loyal, realist, thrifty.