Study Abroad Scholarship Winner Trip Updates

Montgomery County’s Farm Bureau Study Abroad Scholarship Winner, Sarah Landis, went to Honduras to teach about agriculture.

Take a look:

  1. This picture was taken as Sarah and others helped educate the island students on growing plants in hand-made newspaper cups. Here, Sarah is teaching a young female student how to create the pot for the plants to start growing.
    Not knowing much Spanish, it was hard to communicate with students, but the basics of teaching through examples came easy, said Sarah. A high school group was come later in the summer to help the students plant these in a garden. This project has the hopes to allow the islanders fresh produce come harvest. 


Sometimes you have to improvise your cooking utensils!

2. We had the pleasure of cooking with these women who venture around the area to schools and educate students of all ages on health and nutrition. In this image, she is pouring oil into a large cast iron skillet for frying. We made a rice dish with chicken and vegetables that we prepared on a large metal sheet laid across a wooden table. It was a great experience getting to see how they cook their food on a daily basis.  




3. As the meal was prepared for the students, we got to play with them. In this picture, we had bubbles we blew for them. 

What was interesting about this picture is that these students just walked right out of their on-going classes to play with us. That’s how much we meant to them, and they most definitely had a long lasting impression on us, in return.

Stay Tuned for Another Update from Sarah’s Study Abroad Trip!

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