Preserving farmland tops Our Ohio features in September/October

How long does it take to drive from a city to a suburb to the country and back again in Ohio? Ten minutes? Maybe 15? Chances are if you live close to an urban area, it takes no time at all to drive from your house into the country.

Successful reform of the Current Agricultural Use Value formula (or farmland tax) will make keeping the “rural” in rural Ohio a little easier. After years of hard work from members and staff, CAUV tax changes became a reality through the state budget process this year.

Our main story in Our Ohio magazine’s September/October issue explains why that change is not only important to farmers, but is important to sustaining farmland in Ohio communities.

Other highlights in the issue include Executive Vice President Adam Sharp’s “Across the Table” column, which speaks to the benefits of high protein sources such as crickets. Yes, crickets.

Sharp speaks to Dr. David Hughes, known the world over as “Dr. Food,” who speaks to global companies about how to effectively, and economically, feed the world.

Also, in the September/October issue is a story about high school teachers taking continuing education classes about agriculture to incorporate into their science curriculums for their students as they return to school in this fall.

Our Ohio visits with members who own and operate Moeller Brew Barn in Maria Stein to talk about their local brews. Accompanying this are recipes that include their craft brews. Our Community features Summit County Farm Bureau Vice President Tom Dayton and his conservation efforts at Dayton Nurseries. The gardening feature highlights ways for members to “extend the season’s bounty” with tips on canning. We also have a feature on truth telling when it comes to how information about food and its sources are shared with the public.

Also included this issue is an abundance of Grow & Know events, a page of member-submitted #PictureOhio photos of kids and adults alike working in home gardens or in the fields this summer. Also included is an exciting member benefits announcement and a Nationwide column on a staying healthy while playing fall sports.

Our Ohio magazine strives to connect consumers to agriculture through topics such as food, gardening, cooking, animals and events. As a benefit of being an Ohio Farm Bureau member, the publication is delivered in the mail six times a year.