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Because we care — AgriPOWER Session 2 blog

By Brenda Mescher, AgriPOWER Class IX participant

In session 1 of AgriPOWER we learned about our personalities and strengths and how to employ them as leaders. Session 2 built on this knowledge and focused on communication in various forms.

We learned about blogging and podcasting from Callie Wells. Joe Cornely of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation coached on speaking with the media. Melanie Wilt shared advice on speaking in our own voice and Dr. Leah Dorman shared the importance of building trust in communication. Jack Irvin briefed the class on current issues and Kirk Merritt of the Ohio Soybean Council shared information about exports and trade.

We also toured an ethanol plant, Stateler Farms, one of the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms, The University of Findlay Animal Science Building and Equine Farm and the Christmas trees at Kaleidoscope Farms. The days were packed full of informative and valuable information.

It is hard to pick a favorite part of this session; however, the bright spot for me was winning the chip shot contest during the golf lessons. The lessons were a chance to learn golf skills and interact with fellow classmates.

Theodore Roosevelt was quoted more than once throughout the session, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  I think this is the key to engaging your audience in the conversation. Having this shared value is more important than providing facts and figures.

My perspective has forever been changed because of these two sessions. It is now so very clear to me when communicating that the “Why” of what I do is far more important than the “what” that I do.

Thank you Ohio Farm Bureau for this awesome opportunity!


Brenda Mescher of Maria Stein coordinates and prepares loan closings for Farm Credit Mid-America in Celina. She and her family raise steers. A Mercer County Farm Bureau member, she is a notary public, volunteers at her church and an area school’s Real World, Real Money program.

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