Geauga’s Annual Meeting Recap

The Geauga County Farm Bureau kicked off its Annual Meeting Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 at the St. Mary’s Church Banquet Hall in Chardon with a delicious dinner prepared by the Reserve House using meat from the livestock purchased at the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale by the Farm Bureau. Over 120 members, guests, elected officials Nationwide agents, and county leaders attended the meeting where election of board trustees and delegates to the 2018 Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Meeting took place. Additionally, active members adopted county policies for the 2017-2018 programming year that will guide the Geauga County Farm Bureau for the coming year and provide direction for the Ohio Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation. Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, and the active members determine the direction that Farm Bureau should take.

Farm Bureau members elected to the county board at the meeting are Catherine Chuha from Hambden Township, Rebecca Emmons from Chardon, Holly Hendershot from Chardon, and Kevin Holy from Montville Township. Delegates elected to represent Geauga County Farm Bureau to the 2018 OFBF Annual Meeting are Holly Hendershot, Kevin Holy and Ty Kellogg with Jerry Mitchell as an alternate.

Scholarships were presented to: Kelli Briggs, the daughter of Rick and Lisa Briggs of Troy Township; Emily Crtalic, the daughter of Thomas and Anita Crtalic of Chardon Township; Anna Loveland and Josh Loveland, the children of Richard and Maria Loveland of Montville Township; Anna and Jennifer Montazzoli, the daughters of Todd and Liz Montazzoli of Auburn Township; and Amanda and Meghan O’Reilly, the daughters of Kevin and AmySue O’Reilly of Parkman Township. 

Geauga County Farm Bureau awarded Ed Rumburg of Hambden Township with the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award.  Ed has dedicated a great deal of time to the county Farm Bureau as a past president and Public Policy Action Team leader.  Additionally, Ed has been chairman of several county events.  Ed has been instrumental in building relationships with elected officials in the county.

Charles (Chuck) Lausin earned a standing ovation from the crowd when he was presented with the OFBF Member of Distinction Award for his years of support to Geauga County Farm Bureau, Ohio Farm Bureau and agriculture. Chuck and his wife, Linnie, reside in Thompson on their dairy farm.

Recently during the Great Geauga County Fair, the Geauga County Farm Bureau held a drawing for a Farm Bureau money tree, which is a collection of gift cards and certificates from businesses throughout the county.  The three winners Doug and Krista Zimperman, Newbury; Ernest and Martha Bender, Chardon; and Patti Clemson, Montville, were also presented with their gift certificates.

Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President, Adam Sharp shared his goals and vision with attendees as well as his strategic plan.  Sharp discussed the importance of Farm Bureau membership and the voice it gives us. Together, we can and have accomplished so much for the agricultural industry. Bill Patterson, OFBF state trustee, talked about the future of Farm Bureau and was followed by the Organization Director Mandy Orahood, who recognized volunteers for their leadership within the organization.

Dale Baker, Geauga County Farm Bureau president, installed Kevin O’Reilly, Jr. as the new president for the 2017-2018 year. Lisa Briggs was the drawn recipient for the free membership. The meeting concluded with the distribution of door prizes to attendees, which included leftover meat purchased from the county fair.

While packed with business and recognition, the Annual Meeting is the perfect example at how Farm Bureau works together for farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen our communities.

Ohio Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization that works to support our state’s food and farm community.

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