Montgomery County Trustee Tuesday Highlight: Kevin Dull

Meet our Montgomery County Farm Bureau President

Kevin Dull

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Kevin Dull is currently serving as the president of the Montgomery County Farm Bureau board. His journey began nearly 30 years ago. He got his start with Farm Bureau as a child through his family. His grandfather was involved and his father was also the president. Kevin says it has always been a family-oriented organization for him. He is very much involved and encourages his family to become engaged.

Kevin firmly believes it’s important to be a part of the Farm Bureau because he finds it critical to be active in the making of policies and the legislative portions of the organization. When asked what his favorite portion of the Farm Bureau was, Kevin admitted he likes the involvement of others, and how they are all pushing for the same cause. he also likes how the organization educates others concerning issues within the community, state, and country.

Additionally, Kevin appreciates that the young agriculture professionals are getting involved and getting their start within the Farm Bureau. Overall, Kevin is a family-oriented person who loves being a part of the Farm Bureau. His involvement demonstrates his dedication.