ChickQuest volunteers needed

This autumn, Jefferson County Farm Bureau was awarded an Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Grant to expand our third grade ChickQuest program.

Currently, the county has six incubators which rotate through several elementary schools.  Students in third grade classrooms around the county learn about the life cycle of a chicken and perform various experiments on chicken eggs.  There is a large demand for this program in the spring. In order to bring the program to as many students as possible, this grant will allow the Jefferson County Farm Bureau to purchase additional incubators, supplies and fertilized eggs.  Our goal is to hatch eggs in every third grade in the county!

In order to meet this goal, we are seeking program volunteers.  A volunteer will need to attend training in January or February, and will then be responsible for setting the incubators in their school and carrying out activities and experiments with the students (usually once a week for a month).  We expect the students (and volunteers) to be hands on!!

If you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer opportunity, please contact the county office at 740.266.6603 or [email protected].