Richland County Farm Bureau readies for the new year

The annual meeting was held Sept. 7, at Der Dutchman in Bellville. Ronny Ryland thanked the 16 dinner sponsors for their continued support of Farm Bureau. After dinner, Adam Garman, comedian and third generation farmer from Ross County entertained the crowd. He also relayed some thoughts on his trip to Ashland, Kan. following March’s wildfire outbreak.

Trustee elections were held, code change and policies were voted upon and approved, and delegates were selected to represent Richland County at the state level. President Luke Wittmer provided a brief report on the past program year. He then recognized each board trustee for their effort, hard work and accomplishments over the past year.

Fred Cooke recognized the many program volunteers for the year. Cooke made note of various events and explained that the Farm Bureau relies on volunteers to get things done. He also recognized the ambassadors and business partners who helped at the fair tent.

Great volunteers make it all possible in Richland County
Great volunteers make it all possible!

Cooke also gave a special thanks to Eileen Eisenhauer for providing outstanding support for the county volunteers to enable such great programming. He then introduced the new Organization Director for the area, Abra Dunn.

Dunn expanded on the introduction and said she in happy to be back home and looks forward to getting to know more members. She thanked President Luke Wittmer and the other trustees for their service efforts and help during the year. Dunn also thanked the other volunteers and county office staff for their help in making the year a success.

District 7 Ohio Farm Bureau Trustee, Cy Prettyman, spoke briefly about the important things OFBF does and the changes in leadership of Farm Bureau at the state level.

At the board reorganization meeting in October, officers were elected and Action Team leaders and committee chairs were appointed. Richland County Farm Bureau officers are Luke Wittmer, president; Loren Hulit, vice-president; Tim Johnson, secretary; and Earl Lynch, II, treasurer. LoriMarie Bissell, Fred Cooke, Drew Eckert, Clarence Fackler, Diana Kelley, Kelson Minich and Ronny Ryland are the remaining board trustees.

Look for Richland County Farm Bureau to participate in exciting local projects and activities to connect food and farming and strengthen our community as well as statewide initiatives to assist farmers with water quality issues and other landowner issues.

If you’d like more information about Farm Bureau, or you would like to help with some of our projects, please contact one of the county trustees or call or email the county office at (800) 327-6055 or [email protected].

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