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Legal with Leah: Charter Petition

If enacted poorly, county charter governments could hurt Ohio agriculture. A recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling drew heavily on Ohio Farm Bureau’s views on the issue. Policy Counsel Leah Curtis has the story.

Listen to Legal with Leah, a podcast featuring Ohio Farm Bureau’s Policy Counsel Leah Curtis discussing topics impacting landowners.


2 thoughts on “Legal with Leah: Charter Petition

  1. Avatar Terry says:

    I am a landowner who allows hunting but a new landowner next door has just posted his woods for no hunting.He will be building a house on the other side of the woods but is asking my hunter friend to move his ground blind of which is on my property by one foot. What are my rights. He is a bow hunter but our shotgun hunting methods will be a little more restricted due to safety.

    1. Avatar Leah Curtis says:

      Terry, the placement of a hunting blind on private property is a matter between the hunter and the owner of the property. If you are a farm bureau member, please contact your county farm bureau to further discuss this question. You can find contact information for your county here: Thanks!

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