Montgomery County Trustee Tuesday Highlight: Mary Haggard

Meet Montgomery County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees Secretary

Mary Haggard

Mary Haggard is the secretary of the Montgomery County Farm Bureau board. She has been a member for the last seven years. She was a diligent secretary at Dayton Public Schools for 25 years. This position on the Farm Bureau board has allowed her to still pursue her secretarial passion, while also remaining involved with agriculture.

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Mary grew up on a farm, but no longer farms. Her grandparents were always avid members of the organization, which instilled in Mary a small interest. Her journey with Farm Bureau began when she needed hay for her pony. The hay farmer convinced her to attend a trustee meeting, and Mary discovered her long-lost interest in the organization.

Her favorite aspect about Farm Bureau is the entire mission, and what it stands for. She admires the people that are involved, but also how the organization shares the same values as her. Mary’s diligence as a secretary for the Dayton Public Schools has pushed her to become a remarkable secretary for the Montgomery County Farm Bureau.