Norwayne hosts District Officer Training, Greenhand Conference

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 the Norwayne FFA Chapter hosted a District Officer Training and Greenhand Conference event for neighboring FFA chapters in the area. Many different schools came including Norwayne, Triway, Northwestern, Marlington, and R. G. Drage. For the Greenhand Conference, the Ohio FFA state officers helped with the teach Greenhand FFA members (1st year students) learn about the opportunities that FFA can hold for them. Triway was in charge of the District Officer Training for this year. The training consisted of many different activities that Triway had organized, such as time management, priorities, and organization skills. One of the activities had members write down goals, memories, people, and objects onto separate sticky-notes and by the end of the activity each member had just three remaining sticky notes. This showed members what their priorities are and what is important to them. “It was fun to see how easily we give something up and how strong we hold on to some things such as a single person,” said Aubrey Csapo.

After the training each officer had his or her own specific class pertaining to their specific office. Kendra Keener, the Norwayne FFA chapter reporter, said, “Since I was the reporter, I had the the reporter class, taught by Ms. VanTyne. She talked to us about how to write a well-written article and also about the duties of a reporter.”

The event was very successful and the group can’t wait to participate in it again next year!

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