A Thank You to Veterans from Belmont County Farm Bureau, KFC

Thank you to the many veterans who joined together for the Veterans Day Salute recently held by the Belmont County Farm Bureau at the Barnesville KFC restaurant.  These men and women have served us,  and Farm Bureau and KFC were honored to provide them with a complimentary meal and dessert as a small token of their appreciation.

Over 140 meals were served to the veterans in attendance.  Special thanks to Doan Ford for providing a radio remote broadcast to honor our veterans.

Following are the names of some of the veterans who attended the event and the branch of the military they served in.

ARMY: Carl Foster, Marvin Stephen, Richard Shepherd, Hubert Chappell, Jim Thomas, Tim Powell, Jim Sellers, Gary Hannahs, Samantha Jefferis, Nelson Sobutka, Rodney Kahrig, Joseph Winland, Carl Caldwell, Larry Willis, Frank Williams, John P. Wehr,  Frank Fogle , Walter Borkoski, Charles Carpenter, Charles Phifer, George Stoudt, Ronald Toohey, Roger Saffell, Wayne R. Brown, Clifford Collins, Virgil Eddy, Alan Mead, Blain, William Cox, Bob Betts, Darrell Watson, Art Henderson, Loren Stern, Charlie Duncan, Ed Clevenger,Kenneth R. Kemp, George Chappell, Gerald Kurtz, Jamie Helmick, Lawrence Hayes, Howard Hayes, Mickael Puskas, Terry Travis, Kenny M. Triplett, Michael Barylak, Gene H Plumly, Gary Mayberry, Garry Stephen, Donna Franz, Shuman McEndree, James Carpenter, Pat Carpenter, John N. Butler, Wayne Jenewein, Don Fisher, Leland Stephen, Roger Reischman, Jim Thornburg, Keith Carpenter, Bill Dunfee, John A. Hickenbottom, Tom Butler, Shelton Bailey

AIR FORCE: Terry Hager, Hubert Cook, Dick Steele, Jane Hall, Paul Nesbitt, Shirley Cox, Larry Hannahs, Dale Hannahs, Gary Hall; NAVY: Bill McDaniel, Roy Clark, May Maroni, Kevin Kinney, Robert Mc Fadden, Jim Warsinsky, Donald Carman, Larry Grear, Steven Perun, Virgil Neuhart, Todd Lynn, Kyle Carpenter, Don Eberhart, Tim Erwine, Dan Gallagher

MARINES: David Huntsman and Roger Adair.



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