Montgomery County Trustee Tuesday Highlight: Tom Thomas

Meet one of our Montgomery County Farm Bureau Trustees

Tom Thomas

Tom Thomas is a trustee on the Montgomery County Farm Bureau board. He has been a dedicated member for 38 years, and still continues to show his interest through his involvement. Tom has served on the board for three terms. He became a member through a membership drive 38 years ago. He continued to renew his membership because of his admiration for the organization.View More:

Tom likes knowing that a simple farmer has a voice in legislative matters. He enjoys the lobbying efforts of the Farm Bureau. Tom appreciates belonging to an organization that takes care of issues not just one person could handle.

Aside from Farm Bureau, Tom is involved in most every wildlife group in Ohio. He is also a grain and hay farmer, with a small cattle operation. Agriculture wasn’t too prominent to Tom as a child because he didn’t live on a farm. He worked for a farmer, so this instilled his  passion for agriculture. Tom is a family-oriented person who encourages his family to become engaged in Farm Bureau. Tom is a dedicated member and supporter of Farm Bureau.