2017 in Review: Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network

In 2015, Ohio Farm Bureau and USDA-NRCS launched a five- year, $1 million partnership to demonstrate on-farm conservation practices to help improve water and nutrient conservation. Over the course of 2017, the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network has hosted over 700 people from all segments of Ohio. Area farmers, FFA students, Rotary members, county commissioners, Sen. Rob Portman, Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and many other groups have witnessed first-hand the effort Ohio farmers are making to improve water quality.

The demonstration farms showcase useful practices such as variable rate manure application, subsurface placement of nutrients, phosphorus removal beds, and drainage water management structures just to name a few. For more information on the project, please visit blancharddemofarms.org.


Stateler Farms

Stately Family Farms is operated by Duane and Anthony Stateler in McComb, Ohio. The Statelers raise corn, soybeans and wheat on approximately 600 acres and operate a 7,200 head wean-to-finish swine operation. The Statelers have committed 243 acres to the demo farms project and love sharing their story with visitors while they get up-close and personal with the pigs via their specialized viewing room.


Kurt Farms

Chris Kurt operates Kurt Farms in Dunkirk on 470 acres of corn and soybeans. Chris has committed 168 acres to the demo farms project and is always eager to try new conservation practices on his farm. Chris has a multitude of practices including edge of field monitoring, phosphorus removal bed and a two-stage ditch.


Kellogg Farms

Bill and Shane Kellogg operate Kellogg Farms in Forest where they produce corn and soybeans on 5,000 acres. The Kelloggs have committed 305 acres to the demo farms project and showcase their subsurface nutrient placement toolbar which allows for precise placement of fertilizer while putting it under the soil, providing an efficient method for ensuring their nutrients stay in place.

For more information on how Ohio farmers are working to improve water quality, visit blancharddemofarms.org.