Megan Lezzer

Growing our Generation: Focusing on soybeans

The year is off to a very cold start for most of us in Ohio! The thought of planting a crop in three to four months seems almost unbelievable, but as always that time will quickly come. I’m Megan Lezzer, regional seed lead (RSL) for Bayer CropScience. I represent our Credenz soybean seed business in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. I have been with Bayer CropScience for five years in March. Upon graduation from Michigan State University, I started my career with Monsanto as a field sales trainee in Wooster. I then took a position in the thumb of Michigan as a local field advisor before coming back to Wooster as a district sales manager representing the Dekalb and Asgrow seed line. I started with Bayer as a field sales representative in north central Ohio and recently took the RSL role in September 2017.

I live in Wooster, near the Wayne/Ashland County line with my husband, Dave, and our daschund, Frank. I’m originally from the great state up North, but do not fear, I am a Spartan fan! (And happy with our Outback Bowl success! Congrats to the Buckeyes as well!) I grew up on a small farm near Mt. Pleasant, Mich. where I began my passion for agriculture. I enjoyed showing lambs in 4-H at our county fair among other various projects.

As I mentioned above I represent our Credenz soybean brand for Bayer Crop Science. Hopefully many of you have heard of this fairly new brand; we are very pleased with our rapid growth and tremendous local yield results! Credenz is Bayer’s global soybean seed brand, currently with LibertyLink offerings.  As you think about your 2018 soybean trait decisions, there are many new offerings on the market. I encourage you to educate yourself about the options by speaking with your local crop adviser.

AgriPOWER Class IXI am currently a member of AgriPower Class IX, and I have really enjoyed getting more involved with Farm Bureau through this experience. We will resume Jan. 19 and 20 with a local government session in Chillicothe. In September, our class had the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. for a busy session of tours and congressional visits on the hill. I wrote a blog about my experience.

I am also involved locally in our Young Ag Professionals group. We recently concluded a farm toy drive for Toys for Tots through an event held at Bent Ladder in Rittman.

I hope everyone stays warm this winter and enjoys some much needed time with family and friends after wrapping up 2017! Cheers to a successful 2018 planting season!

Give weeds the finger

weed-measurementWe often use this phrase when training customers on proper weed height for herbicide application. This is to help ensure a full kill, especially on our tough to control, resistant weeds such as marestail. We are also starting to see palmer and waterhemp in Ohio. I thought this was a great video on combine cleaning to stop the spread of these weeds. We only have so many tools in our herbicide toolbox and we want to keep them viable for the future.

Credenz performance

As I mentioned above, Credenz is Bayer’s global soybean brand, and we have quickly grown to the 10th largest seed company in terms of volume. I am excited about our continued consistent performance in Ohio and across the Midwest. Learn more about the brand as well as performance in Ohio with the Ohio State soybean performance trials.

Raising continuous soybeans

PlantingIt is likely that 2018 could bring an increase in continuous soybean acres. This article offers some nice tips from a farmer in Illinois who has raised 16 years of continuous soybeans.
Be sure to consider diseases — Know what pathogens are in your field before selecting seed
Select traits to manage weeds — As mentioned earlier, there are many new trait systems on the market, understand your field history, the weeds you battle and formulate an effective plan
• Feed the plant before seed hits the soil
• Calculate your breakeven on continuous soybeans

Fungicide for maximum yield

I highly recommend a fungicide to achieve maximum yield potential on soybeans, especially if you’re seeing diseases such as septoria brown spot (very common in Ohio), white mold, or frogeye.

From the Delaro website: The new Delaro™ fungicide for corn and soybeans has a broader spectrum of disease control and best-in-class, dual mode of action residual. Plus, it improves plant health. Top-performing hybrids and varieties will have the protection they need to help you achieve your personal best yields.

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