#TakeOverTuesday: Red Moon Ranch LLC, Clark County

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Hi! I am Shelby with Red Moon Ranch LLC in Clark County for your #TakeOverTuesday! I am a first generation farmer. Farming has been in my blood since the day I was born. I love what I do, and I hope to make it my one and only job some day. I raise, and sell to the public, homegrown freezer meat. I also make some things on the side such as canned goods and breads. Stick around to see more about my Ranch! . . #TakeOverTuesday this week is with Red Moon Ranch in Clark County. Meet Ohio farmers and Farm Bureau members each week for #TakeOverTuesdayOFBF . . #ohio #farm #farmer #farm365 #ag #agriculture #ohiofarm #ohiofarmer #ohioag #ohioagriculture #ohiofarmlife #ohiofarm365 #ohiogram #ohiofarmbureau #discoverohio #farmlife

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