Meet a Board Trustee: Genny Haun

Welcome to Hardin County Farm Bureau’s member spotlight blog! Every month, Hardin County Farm Bureau will feature a spotlight blog on a board member so you can get to know him or her a little better.

Our monthly spotlight blog features Hardin County Farm Bureau’s board trustee, Genny (Layman) Haun, who is originally from Kenton. Genny graduated from Kenton High School, and has a bachelor’s degree in agriculture with a business concentration from Wilmington College. She and her husband, Matthew, have two sons, Carter-4 and Rhett-1. She volunteers with the Hardin County Jr. Fair Livestock Sale, and serves as a toddler room teacher at Huntsville United Methodist Church, where she has also served on the administrative board.

Meet Genny Haun

What and where do you farm (or work for an agribusiness)?

I am an office administrator for Layman Farms, my family’s operation which raises mostly corn and soybeans. Also,Matt and I own Lynn Valley Ag Service, which offers custom ag lime application, and we are an Ebbert’s field seeds and ag chemicals dealer.

How long have you been in this job?

I was raised on the family farm and have been involved in the industry since I was young.

Why did you decide to be a farmer (or work in agribusiness)?

I am passionate about being a good steward and utilizing technology.

What do you love about farming?

I love the people. There is no other group like them on earth.

Why do you think it’s important to know where your food comes from?

You cannot appreciate technology in one area and discredit it in another.

What is the biggest challenge facing agriculture?

Miscommunication and closed mindedness on both sides.

Why are you a Farm Bureau member? What do you see as the biggest benefit? 

A desire to correct the above issue.

What is your favorite Farm Bureau event or activity?  

ATV Tour

What Farm Bureau programs are you most active in?

As a board trustee, currently in the vice-president seat, I remain active in many programs throughout the year.

Life Outside of Farm Bureau

What are your hobbies besides farming?

I love being with family and friends, especially spending time at the family home on Norris Lake.

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