Meet your Perry County Farmer


Linda Benedict has a life estate in the farm where she was born. It is located two miles west of Corning. Here, she raises Hereford cattle and hay.

When we asked Linda what she loves the most about being a farmer her answer was, “I love being outdoors with a purpose. The purpose is to maintain the buildings, cattle, fields, and timber.” She said what makes her different from other farmers is the farm is not just a business, it is a part of her life.

Farmers don’t always get down time.  In spring, she fixes five to seven miles of fences. In the summer, it’s hay, weedeating, mowing the lawn, and brushhogging. When fall rolls around, it’s time to check all the fence posts and continue to brushhog. Once winter is finally here, it’s time to feed the cows, clean out the barn, and cut the brush. She said, “There is no off-season!”

Linda explained that the biggest issue she faces with her operation is being able to keep up with all the work, as she is growing older.

“Farm Bureau has been very important to me by seeing the big picture. I am part of a big and thriving industry in the U.S.A. I know I can be part of influencing the government to be proponents of agriculture. I have been able to meet other farmers who have given me ideas that I have been able to use on the farm.”

Linda, thank you for being part of Farm Bureau. We value you and your farm!

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