Donna Chipps farm, Morgan County

Morgan February Farmer


Donna Chipps’ farming career started when she married Bill Chipps, a dairy farmer, over 45 years ago. Their farm, located in Center Township, is over 70 years old. The family milks Ayrshire cows twice a day, 365 days a year.

Donna said having the opportunity to educate people where their food comes from and living on a farm is what she loves most about being involved with agriculture. She said people like to come to see and touch the animals. Donna’s farm is fairly diverse — they raise chickens (eggs), goats, pigs, cows, calves, ducks, geese and according to Donna, whatever else may show up! The biggest challenge on the farm is to make a profit every year because the cost of production is higher than what she receives from her crops and milk.

She has been a 4-H leader for 24 years because she especially likes to work with young people. Bill used to coach basketball for many years. She said some of their greatest memories were made when they watched their son Will, pull tractors.

Chipps benefits by being a Farm Bureau member “because the Farm Bureau works for the farmers. They are the political spokesman for us so we don’t have to be all the time.”

Thank you Donna for your dedication through the years of being involved in farming and agriculture!

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