Trustee Tuesday: Wally Stiver

Meet Montgomery County Farm Bureau Trustee Wally Stiver

Wally has been a Farm Bureau member for numerous years. Throughout his time, he has served on the board for nine years. Wally grew up on a farm established in 1887. He is now a 6th generation farmer of the same dairy farm! Wally also grew up involved in FFA and 4-H. Wally initially joined Farm Bureau because he admires the grassroots and political views of the organization and how Farm Bureau helps farmers through policies and meetings. Wally also likes learning about other farmers. Overall, it’s the fellowship of the organization that truly convinced Wally to remain a member. He spends a lot of his time on the farm and with his granddaughter. In addition, he is a long-time NRA member. Wally’s involvement in our organization is astounding.

Thank you for being such a great trustee!