Trustee Thursday: John Grafton

John Grafton, District 2 representative and current president of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau board of trustees, grew up on a family farm in Pleasant Hill. John and his five siblings (Jim, Harry, Barb, Sam and Dave) graduated from Jefferson Union High School, and John went on to graduate from the Ohio State University in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics. John also did post-graduate work in vocational education at Kent State.

John has been a beekeeper for 53 years and sells his own honey (Grafton’s Apiary) locally at M&M Hardware, Rural King, Jefferson Landmark and at many local festivals and events. John worked for the Ohio Department of Agriculture as an Apiary Inspection Supervisor and after retirement taught agriculture education in the Edison Local School District for five years. He was awarded “Beekeeper of the Year” by the Ohio State Beekeepers in 1993, and was also awarded an “Exceptional Service Award for Outstanding Work in Apiculture Education” by Apiary Inspectors of America in 2010. John is also currently a member of the Jefferson County Fair Board, an elder on the board of the Christian Church of Unionport and a member of the Ohio State Beekeeper’s Association and travels around the state teaching and lecturing on beekeeping.

He and his wife, Katie, live in Salem Township (you can find their house near the big giraffe on 646) and have two kids, Amanda (Grafton) Wood and Clinton Grafton. John can often be seen around the county with his ‘boss’ (granddaughter Isabel).