Meet your feature farmer for Morgan County

Lets meet our next 2018 feature farmer, Cindy Wilson!cindy-wilson

Cindy and her husband Mark, farm with his parents. They own Wolf Creek Farms in Malta, Ohio where they have a beef cow/calf operation and background feeder cattle.

Cindy said her favorite thing about being a farmer is that she enjoys living in the country. “With spring, everything comes to life; from the baby calves, to starting the garden. The fall brings harvest and weaning the calves.”

Cindy doesn’t think their farm operation is all that different from any other farm. She explained that all farms and agriculture operations take good-management, hard work, and are treated like any other family business.

“There is no off-season when it comes to farming, but I love visiting the grandkids and having time as a couple after 35 years,” Cindy explained.

One of the biggest challenges Wolf Creek Farms faces with their operation is finding good help. There never seems to be enough time to get all the work done and with the cow/calf operation, finding experienced employees is an even bigger challenge. This is a huge challenge throughout the agriculture industry.

When it comes to Farm Bureau,”Just knowing they are there to make people aware of the agriculture programs and policy and we know that Farm Bureau has our backs when it comes to the state and national issues.”

As president, Cindy has enjoyed going to the state annual meetings and to Washington, D.C. to talk to the legislature. “It sure opens your eyes to know the work Farm Bureau puts forth for each of our businesses.”

Thank you Cindy, for donating so much time to farming and to being the president of Morgan County Farm Bureau. We appreciate all you do!

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