Meet this month’s feature farmer in Muskingum County

Our next Feature Farmer are Windy Ridge Jerseys  J and Rachel Hodge!

Windy Ridge is a dairy farm and Rachel works as a veterinarian. Windy Ridge currently milks 100 registered Jerseys in Norwich, Ohio, and the milk is shipped to Pearl Valley Cheese. J and Rachel raise their own replacement animals and farm 200 acres.    rachel-hodge-2Their favorite thing about being involved in agriculture: “We both have a love for cows and educating people about dairy. It is a great place to raise a family.”

They started their own operation in 2007, so their dairy is relatively young which makes them different from other farm operations. They built their herd from a start of 25 cows, and focus on cow comfort and protection.

They have calves year-round and do not get the chance to have an off-season. “We milk and care for our ladies 24/7/365.”

The biggest challenge J and Rachel face with their operation is quality feed. They explained it can be very difficult to get hay and corn silage made at the optimum times. They also said they have limited acreage, so every acre of hay and corn is important.

Lastly, how is being a Farm Bureau Member beneficial to you and your operation? “We have access to resources that we would not otherwise and we make connections that will help us in the future”.

Thank you for being valued Farm Bureau members!

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