2018 National Ag Week Van Wert County Fun Fact

Happy National Ag Week 2018 from the Van Wert County Farm Bureau! National Ag Week is very important to us here at the Van Wert County Farm Bureau and to celebrate this week and all of the people that contribute to the agriculture community, we are going to share an Ohio agriculture related fact for every day. Few times in your life will you need a lawyer, policeman and a doctor, but everyday, three times a day you will need a farmer. The agriculture industry in some way, shape or form is a part of every single person’s life. From the clothes on our backs to the food on our plates to the gas in some of our vehicles, agriculture is an industry that constantly gives and rarely asks for anything in return. This National Ag Week, the Van Wert County Farm Bureau wants to thank those of you who work in acres not hours because an industry that feeds us is an industry worth fighting for.

2018 National Ag Week Monday Fun Fact:

Did you know?

In Van Wert County there are a total of 1,575 people working in the agriculture industry which represents 11 percent of the county total!