Does your membership reflect your involvement with agriculture?

One in eight jobs in Ohio are connected to the agriculture industry. These jobs are all essential to the health of the entire agriculture community and include everyone from farmers to truck drivers hauling grain to food processors and food service employees.

Ohio Farm Bureau has expanded its definition of active member to reflect these necessary parts of agriculture. Since making that change, Farm Bureau is now working to identify all of our community-designated Farm Bureau members who meet this new definition and should be considered an active member. If you are designated as a community member in our organization, you have access to  many discounts and services; however, you are not able to vote for your county Farm Bureau trustees or on policies which support agriculture and consumers.

We know over time a member’s status may have changed. With that in mind, we are reaching out to ask, “Do you or your spouse have a job or involved in an activity that would make you eligible to be classified as an ACTIVE MEMBER?” Examples of occupations and pursuits qualifying you as an active member include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Farming – includes crops, hay and/or livestock
  • Beekeeping, fruit trees, vineyard, ornamental horticulture and/or landscaping
  • Buying or inheriting land that is being farmed by someone else, grows timber, and/or is enrolled in a conservation program
  • A job in food processing, environmental stewardship/conservation, or in support of agriculture
  • Enrolled as a student majoring in an agriculture-related field

Changing your membership from community member to active member will not impact your dues rates or your renewal date. The biggest benefit of changing your membership is you will start receiving more information and invitations to events pertinent to those in agriculture.

If you believe you should be considered an active member, complete this two minute form. Your county Farm Bureau board has final approval of membership category changes.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at 800-327-6055. Thank you for your membership with Farm Bureau!

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