Lake County Farm Bureau accepting policy suggestions

Have you ever wondered why or how Farm Bureau decides to take a position on an issue? It all begins with the local policy development process. As a Farm Bureau member, you can submit suggestions for local, state, or federal policies. The policies of Farm Bureau are the backbone of the organization. They provide the framework through which we advocate for family, community and food security. Those policy suggestions will be voted on at the annual meeting of members, and if passed, these policies are used to develop programs, projects and advocacy at the state and federal level, but just as importantly are used to help guide the yearly plan of work for Lake County Farm Bureau volunteers.

We encourage you to be part of this process! Strong policies can make a difference for your group, the members of Farm Bureau, and the quality of life in Lake County.

Please submit your recommendations by: completing the online form, emailing [email protected], or mail to: Farm Bureau, 8220 State Route 45, Ste. B, Orwell, OH  44076.  Paper copies of the form are available here, or upon request.

If you have any questions, or need more information, contact the Farm Bureau office, or Mandy Orahood, organization director, at 440.426.2195.

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