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Summer 2018 Community Councils Discussion Guide

The Summer 2018 Discussion Guide for Community Councils includes four discussion topics, giving groups a few options for meetings scheduled during spring through the summer. Participation from community council members ensures Ohio Farm Bureau continues to focus on critical issues, create better policy and help people work together to get things done.


Leadership Development – An Investment

Effective organizations will not survive from one generation to the next unless they invest in leadership development. Great leaders develop over time. They use life experiences as a basic foundation for involvement and network with peers and community members who have similar interests. Many look for opportunities to learn more about issues as well as participate in programs where they can sharpen communication skills. Discussion Guide

Identifying Trends in Ohio’s Political Landscape

Ohio is seen as a premier “battleground state” in American politics. Many political observers credit the state’s diversity as a key element of its unique political character. Politics change over time. What are some of the political trends and issues impacting elections and politics in your neighborhood? Discussion Guide

Water Quality Management Issues – Update

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, always in close contact with the state’s leaders, will continue to communicate farmers’ commitment to water quality solutions. This council guide is a general update on programs and activities taking place through the early months of 2018. Discussion Guide

Wildlife Management – A Project to Consider

ODNR – Division of Wildlife has legal authority over management of Ohio’s fish and wildlife. The Division uses six categories – endangered, threatened, species of concern, special interest, extirpated, and extinct – to define the status of selected wildlife. In this Discussion Guide, Farm Bureau Community Councils will be exploring the process using a real case study under development by the agency – Re-establishing a Species of Concern, the Northern Bobwhite Quail.

Remember, participants are not limited to these materials – Feel free to discuss additional topics and issues generated from the local newspaper, other publications and/or key events happening in your neighborhood. Discussion Guide

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Councils can access the council rostermeeting summary sheet and activity sheet forms online.

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Many of Farm Bureau’s action plans started with conversation around a kitchen table, living room or front porch; lively discussion continues to develop using web applications, too.

To join a community council, contact the county Farm Bureau office.

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