Logan County Spotlight Member

Logan County Farm Bureau recognizes the hard work and dedication of Christina Mabry. Christina describes that being a member of Ohio Farm Bureau is a way for her to give back to her community. “It’s been great to collaborate with others that are passionate about agriculture and our local communities,” she said.

Mabry graduated from Wilmington College in 2014. Right after college, she began working at Bambauer Fertilizer & Seed, Inc. in Jackson Center where she is the precision agriculture leader. In this position, she is in charge of organizing soil sampling programs, most of the mapping (including aerial application), assisting in the fertilizer warehouse, and around the plant, as well as, secretarial duties. In addition to working at Bambauer’s, she also works on her family farm where they grow corn, soybeans, wheat and raise livestock. She and Brian were married in November 2017.

What changes have impacted you within the agronomy industry?

One of the biggest changes is the advancement in technology. Farmers are utilizing variable rate technologies and GPS capabilities that weren’t available years ago. Fertilizer applications, tillage, planting prescriptions and soil sampling have allowed farmers to take advantage of cost and time savings and benefit from a more precise application of their product.


What are some ways young members can become more active within Ohio Farm Bureau?

Get involved! Attend the events that your county Farm Bureau is hosting, be a guest at their monthly board meetings, attend the Young Ag Professionals Conference. The list goes on and on. It’s always great for members to get involved and bounce ideas off one another to stay current with topics facing farmers today.


As a member of Logan County Farm Bureau Board, what is your top priority?

I currently hold the position of our board secretary. It’s most important to get out within our community and network with farmers about things that Ohio Farm Bureau and our county board are striving to do. Our top priority is working with our local farmers and making our communities more aware to build a better relationship for our future.

Logan County Farm Bureau cannot thank you enough for all of your dedication and hard work.

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