June 2018 Feature Farmers Russ and Susan Ginise


Susan and Russ Ginse operate Hope Farm, a nonprofit farm providing Equine Assisted Therapy located in Granville. They are a P.A.T.H International member farm. The thing they love most about being a farmer is being outdoors and sharing the gift that their horses offer to their clients.

Susan said, “We are completely volunteer run. We serve 30 students each week, with 14 volunteers, 10 horses and one donkey throughout the year. We also host groups throughout the year.”

Susan and Russ said there is no off-season with their farming operation. They previously built an indoor heated riding arena two years ago. The biggest challenge they face is fund raising, explaining no client or student is turned away for financial reasons.

In conclusion, how is being a Farm Bureau member beneficial to Susan and Russ? They said they think it is important to support each other in the agricultural community.

Thank you Susan and Russ for all you do in the farming community!

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