June 2018 Feature Farmer Jerry Allison

Jerry Allison is a commercial sheep farmer, specifically Cheviot Sheep, and has had loved working with the breed for almost 40 years. He and his wife, Susan’s, home farm is located in the village of Norwich but they also rent 60 acres. They bring the sheep to their home farm to lamb them and once they can wean, they send them to the 60 acres.

Jerry really enjoys the satisfaction that comes with raising an animal and the ability to put a good product on the market. It’s very clear that Jerry does what he does for the love of the animal! Jerry’s operation is a little different in that he rents pasture and doesn’t produce his own feed; he also uses the large farm equipment on a shares purchase rather than owning the equipment himself.

Jerry found a way to fill his “off-season” with sheep by purchasing feeder lambs, so he’s never really “off.” But when everything has been taken care of with the sheep, he and Susan continue to work toward their goal of seeing all 50 states; they really love to just jump in the camper and see what they find as they drive rather than planning each moment of the trip.


Jerry and Susan say that being Farm Bureau members is beneficial to them as they are able to have any and all questions answered whenever necessary and they greatly appreciate all legislative actions that are being taken on their behalf.

Thank you to Jerry and Susan. We appreciate your dedication to Farm Bureau.

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