Water Quality Status Report 5th edition

Water Quality Status Report, 5th edition

The Water Quality Status Report is the fifth in a series of reports Ohio Farm Bureau has produced to show the strides farmers have made in improving and protecting one of the state’s most valuable resources. Farm Bureau also has established statewide partnerships to identify comprehensive solutions to complex water issues.

Since September 2014, Ohio Farm Bureau has helped guide farmers through the process with its comprehensive Water Quality Action Plan. Scientists agree that a multipronged approach is needed to protect Ohio’s water, and this plan does that with the support of dozens of partnering organizations. So far, Ohio Farm Bureau has committed $2.5 million of member funds to help farmers improve and
protect water quality for all Ohioans. These proactive efforts have drawn national attention and for the second year in a row, Ohio Farm Bureau was honored with American Farm Bureau’s prestigious New Horizon Award for its water quality efforts.

Ohio Farm Bureau will continue to work to find tangible solutions to the state’s water quality challenges and show how Ohio can have both clean water and productive farming.

The report and additional information about Ohio Farm Bureau’s Water Quality Action Plan are available online at farmersforwater.org. The report also will be delivered to Ohio Farm Bureau members with their July/August publications.

Among the activities outlined in the status report:

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