Ashtabula Trustee Showcase- Featuring Tom Spencer

Tom Spencer grew up in Conneaut, Ohio and now resides in Monroe Township, Ohio with his wife, Courtney, and their son George. Tom is currently serving as vice president of the board of trustees for Ashtabula County Farm Bureau. He has been active on the board since 2012.

Tom started his journey in Farm Bureau 10 short years ago and says he enjoys it very much. He is a farm manager where they raise miscanthus (bio-grass). When he is not busy being a farm manager, he also operates his own farm where he raises corn, soybeans, pumpkins, hogs and beef.

Thank you Tom. We appreciate all that you do as well as your dedication to Ashtabula County Farm Bureau.

One thought on “Ashtabula Trustee Showcase- Featuring Tom Spencer

  1. Avatar April Walker-Baldwin says:

    I’m so proud of you Tom!!! You and Courtney brought the farm back to life papa would be so proud and happy with all you two have done to bring the farm to where it is now!! Keep the fantastic work up!

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