Jarrett Crowthers

2018 Ohio State Fair Intern Spotlight: Jarrett Crowthers

Each year, the Ohio Farm Bureau employs 20 to 25 individuals as State Fair Ambassadors at the Land and Living Exhibit, located in the Donahey Ag & Hort Building. These individuals are from all across the state and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Through this spotlight series, I hope to shine a light on some of our best and brightest that are beginning their journey as a young professional in agriculture. ~ Haley

Name: Jarrett Crowthers

Hometown: Trenton (Butler County)

High School / College: Graduate of Edgewood High School, going to The Ohio State University

Major: Agricultural business/Applied economics and a double major in political science

Favorite Commodity: Sheep

Favorite Fair Food: Pork nachos

What interested you about becoming an ambassador?: I was interested in becoming an ambassador for the opportunity to meet new people with similar passions of mine, to learn more about agriculture in Ohio, and to (of course…) AGVOCATE!

What is your background in agriculture?: I come from a family that does not farm, however many family friends have farms and I have been active at my county fair. However, my agricultural background comes from my involvement in the FFA. It completely changed my view on agriculture and opened my eyes to sides of the industry that I never knew of and taught me the importance of sharing our stories.

Why is it important engage with the public about agriculture?: In a society that is so detached from the agricultural industry, it is important to educate consumers about what common practices are used, and also the reasoning behind those practices. That will ultimately lead to a better relationship between agriculturists and consumers where we can work together to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious products to all people.

How does being an ambassador impact your future goals?: Being an ambassador will equip me with the tools and knowledge needed to advocate for agriculture in the future by being an agricultural lobbyist to help shape agricultural and food policy into policy that is beneficial for all people.