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August 2018 Feature Farmer Hugh Coffman

We’re thrilled to introduce Hugh Coffman as this month’s Feature Farmer! Hugh taught 17 years of Vocational Agriculture at Warren High School, where he founded the program, before going on to a position in the administration. He’s also an FFA alumnus and helps with his family’s three generation farm in Walnut Township.

Hugh lives on the family dairy farm and keeps the records for the operation. He really enjoys the freedom of working outdoors as a farmer and, more specifically, the way his role as a former teacher allows him to work with young people in the ag community and helping them reach their goals.


Hugh is such a great example of a retired teacher as he regularly meets with his former students for breakfast and he continues to help with the ag program in the school as he can, including representing the FFA. And several of his students have gone on to be Vocational Agriculture teachers just like him.

Hugh said the financial viewpoint of farming and how the profit you receive doesn’t always meet the funds that you have to pay to maintain the operation is one of the biggest challenges in farming.

Being a Farm Bureau member has been beneficial to Hugh since he believes that every activity one does requires working together with others of similar interests and like-mindedness and he’s gotten just that from the Farm Bureau membership. He also appreciates the representation at the state and national level for farmers.

Thank you Hugh for being such a great inspiration to past, present and future students in our ag community. We appreciate your dedication to Farm Bureau!

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