August 2018 Feature Farmers Neil and Fayebelle Cherry


Our feature farmers this month are Neil and Fayebelle Cherry who raise apples, peaches, pears, cherries, grapes and plums, plus a variety of vegetables on 350 acres. Some of their production is sold U-Pick, and they also sell at three farmers markets each week.  Neil and Fayebelle said they love the beauty of the land the most, such as the trees, flowers, birds and butterflies. Neil said they recently just built a vernal pool in the woodland for amphibians. They love the land and enjoy sharing it and the fruit they produce with people all around the world.

Neil said the thing that makes them different from others is that in the center of their orchard, they have a five acre “Asian style” walking garden with some rare and unusual conifers as well as native plants. In their off-season, the Cherrys enjoy working in their woodlands and traveling with their daughters. Neil said one of his favorite hobbies is growing roses and potted citrus collections. One of their biggest challenges they face with all they do is the lack of time and energy it takes to run a business such as theirs.

Why they are Farm Bureau members

The Cherrys find value in their Farm Bureau membership. “It is important to get the message out to lawmakers and the general public, that farmers as a whole are stewards of the land and its diversity”.

Thank you to Neil and Fayebelle for all the hard work they put into their orchard and woodlands! We appreciate your dedication to Farm Bureau.

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