Meet your August 2018 Feature Farmer – Patty DeBruin

Fairfield County Farm Bureau is happy to introduce Patty DeBruin as this month’s Feature Farmer! Patty and her family have about 200 head of angus or angus-cross cattle on their farm. Also, Patty manages her husband Steve’s veterinary office Feeder Creek Veterinary Services in Millersport, Ohio.

feeder-creek-vetPatty appreciates that farming allows her to help people eat well. She and her family and proud of what they produce and love that what they make provides a nutritious meal. Also, she loves that the job allows her to have fun with her family while they’re aiming to make the best produce possible.

The biggest challenge Patty and her family face with their operation is the weather and the complete inability to control it. Also, media can be difficult to deal with if a comment is made about someone within the ag community and it can potentially hurt another’s operation.

Patty and her family appreciate and think about Farm Bureau every single day and all that they are fighting for farmers and protecting them, especially when it comes to water quality and allowing farmers to be independent.

Thank you Patty for all you and your family do to be an essential part of our ag community!

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