How AgriPOWER inspired me to become a county board member — AgriPOWER Session 2 blog

By Doug Franz, AgriPOWER Class X participant

Session two of AgriPOWER Class X was held in Findlay, Ohio. All 17 members were present and engaged in various trainings and informative sessions to broaden our knowledge of current issues facing the agriculture community. There was a strong focus on media relations and legislative engagement, but what peaked my interest the most was our sessions on leadership. Several guest instructors focused on the importance of developing leaders within the agriculture community. Coming from a long military career, I have a vested interest in learning from, and developing effective leaders at all levels. Why is this important? Because effective leaders have the ability to shape the future of initiatives they become engaged in, regardless of the basis.  Effective leaders adapt to the environment and make decisions based on the analysis of facts and implement those decisions through the influence of others.

The U.S. Army defines leadership as “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization”.  I think this is a clear, descriptive definition that holds true for almost any situation where leaders are needed.

Based on my recent AgriPOWER trainings on leadership, and my years in military leadership roles, I decided that I should do something that puts those skills to use in my community. While attending my county Farm Bureau annual meeting last week, I noticed the district in which I reside did not have any candidates on the ballot for that board position. I inquired and soon became a write-in candidate for the elections that evening and was voted in by those in attendance! I am excited about this new opportunity to say the least. Without the recent AgriPOWER exposure to current events in the industry, I don’t feel I would have stepped up to perform this role. Thank you AgriPOWER for selecting me to be part of this program and I look forward to putting my new knowledge base to work in my local community!

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