Meet your September 2018 Feature Farmer – Brady Campbell

We are very pleased to introduce Brady Campbell as this month’s feature farmer! Brady is a fourth generation farmer in Waterford, Ohio where he and his family raise hogs and sheep. There are about 125 Purebred Berkshire sows and 125 ewes; half the sheep are crossbred and the other half are Texels and Lincolns.


Brady works both at the farm and at The Ohio State University where he is pursuing his doctorate. He loves his job at Ohio State because it allows him to get out and talk with the public about the message of agriculture. And at the farm, he likes being able to sit down with his family to make breeding decisions and in four to five months, they have a sustainable product that can feed the world.


Brady and his family’s operation is a different in that they are able to focus on niche marketing thanks to having their Purebred Berkshires. About 12-14 years ago, when Brady was in Jr. High, his brother and him wrote essays to the Berkshire Council to get a free gilt; and now, thanks to their early efforts, they are now able to offer high quality, premium products!

During his off-season, Brady is at school where he is the chief researcher plus he is involved in numerous organizations and teams for sheep and hog farmers. The biggest challenges they face with their farm come from being at the mercy of the market.

Brady appreciates Farm Bureau for being an advocate for Ohio agriculture; without them he feels the voice of farmers would not be nearly as strong as it is thanks to their work. He also appreciates Farm Bureau telling the story of farming and putting a positive spin on it.

Thank you, Brady, for all you do as a vital part of our agriculture community!

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